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South Surrey Circumcision - Caduceus

South Surrey Circumcision – Caduceus

Deciding to circumcise your son is a difficult choice. Whether it is for religious reasons, cultural ones, or because his father is circumcised, it is important to feel comfortable with your decision.

 Once you have, you want to make sure you bring your son to a provider that is going to take her time and handle any questions or concerns you have along the way.

Dr. Tahmeena Ali has been performing neonatal circumcisions since 2002. Trained as a family physician at the University of Alberta, she has been delivering babies and doing circumcisions on some of these babies for over a decade.

Not only does she take her time doing them, she also was a clinical lecturer at the University of Alberta.  Now part of the teaching faculty in the Department of Family Medicine at University of British Columbia.  Has taught many family medicine residents and medical students how to do these procedures.