Post Circumcision Package

South Surrey Circumcision: Aftercare Instructions

Now that your son’s circumcision is complete, feed him as usual. He may be a bit restless for the rest of the day or he may sleep a bit more than usual; these are normal reactions after such a procedure. Try to keep him swaddled in a blanket when he is awake and when you put him down to sleep: that will help keep him from wiggling his legs too much which may cause him extra discomfort.

  1. Try to leave the gauze/bandage that Dr. Ali has placed over the penis for at least 24 hours. This allows a scab to form and minimize bleeding. If the bandage gets very dirty from stool, then you may replace it with a gauze with vaseline sooner than that.
  2. If the gauze is entirely soaked with blood or the diaper has blood on it (larger than a loonie), than apply a fresh gauze around the penis and apply firm pressure continuously for 5 minutes. If there is still bleeding after this, add another gauze on top and hold for another 5 minutes. If after this it is still bleeding, call or text Dr. Ali on her cell phone at 604-352-0710 and proceed to your nearest emergency department.
  3. After 24 hours, you may remove the bandage. If it is dried and won’t remove easily, soak it with warm water to loosen it.
  4. For the next 7 days, place a gauze with vaseline over the penis every day. Change it over the day if it becomes dirty with stool or urine.
  5. After the first day, the amount of blood on the gauze should be less and less.
  6. Expect the end (glans) of the penis to look bright red and raw for the next few days as it heals. It may also appear swollen for the first few days too. Your son should be able to pee without difficulty. If he doesn’t pee within 6 hours of the procedure, proceed immediately to your local emergency department. Healing should be complete within 2 to 3 weeks.
  7. Whitish and sometimes yellowish material on the penis is part of normal healing. However, bad smelling pus is abnormal. Call Dr. Ali immediately if this is noted for urgent follow-up.
  8. Sometimes the end of the foreskin will start to move towards the ridge (corona) of the penis and start to stick. Push back the skin at the bottom/base of the penis with each diaper change for the next 6 weeks to help prevent this from happening.
  9. If the end of the foreskin does start to stick, Dr. Ali will assess it at the follow-up appointment 4-6 weeks after the procedure. She can easily remove any adhesions (scar tissue) in the office and/or prescribe an ointment for you to put on to help remove any left over scar tissue.

Danger Signs to Watch For:

  • your son has not peed within 6 hours of the procedure
  • bleeding from the penis continues (he has soaked through a gauze or has a larger than a loonie sized blood spot on the diaper) even after pressing on the penis for 15 minutes
  • he has a fever
  • there is foul smelling pus on the penis

If in doubt, call Dr. Ali at anytime of the day or night if you are worried about your son and his circumcision.

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We love our babies exactly the same.

Granola Babies

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Pre-Circumcision Package


South Surrey Circumcision Preparation Hints:

For some families, the decision to have their son circumcised is easy because it is part of their faith or culture. For others, it is a deeply personal decision that is difficult to make. No matter what your background is, the thought of exposing your newborn son to pain is always scary and worrying. Here is what to expect and how to prepare for the appointment.

  1. The cost of the circumcision is $325. If you choose to pay online using Paypal or a credit card or you can bring cash or a certified cheque to the appointment.
  2. Your fee includes our prep package (numbing cream), the procedure, our aftercare package (bandages, petroleum jelly, instructions), and a follow-up appointment.
  3. Dress your son with a hat, socks, diaper shirt (onsie) along with his regular clothes. He will feel more comfortable with these items of clothing during the circumcision (and they can be left on during the procedure).
  4. Bring along a blanket to swaddle him in afterwards.
  5. Unfortunately, babies feel pain. However, to help minimize the discomfort to your son, I encourage you to apply a numbing cream (EMLA) to the base of his penis about 1/2-1 hour before his appointment. This will help so that he doesn’t feel the needle from the freezing.
  6. After arriving at the clinic, checking in, completing a medical history form and signing the consent, I will bring you, your partner, and son into a room where I can answer any questions or discuss any concerns before I do the circumcision.
  7. Once I start the procedure, I will inject local freezing into the base of his penis which should eliminate any pain from the actual circumcision.
  8. Many babies dislike being kept in the special bed designed to keep them from moving during the procedure. Studies have shown, giving them a drop of sugar solution (on his soother or directly into his mouth) helps soothe them and calm them down. I will give him this once I put him in the special bed.
  9. The actual procedure (after cleaning his genitalia with anti-septic, and covering him with sterile drapes) only takes about 15 minutes.
  10. We encourage you to go for a walk or get a coffee while the procedure is done and return 25-30 minutes later.
  11. Your son will be dressed and swaddled: ready for some cuddles from his mom and/or dad. If he is hungry, you are welcome to feed him as well.
  12. I will re-examine the circumcision site after about 20-30 minutes to make sure there is no excess bleeding, and I will review the aftercare with you.
  13. You can book a follow-up appointment in 4-6 weeks, if you choose.
  14. Then it is time to go home with your newly circumcised son!


  • book circumcision appointment (before 4 weeks of age) at 604-330-6772
  • pay online in advance OR send certified cheque
  • apply numbing cream to son 1 hour before the appointment time
  • dress him with hat, socks, diaper shirt (onsie) underneath his other clothing
  • feed him before the appointment
  • come to clinic 15 minutes before appointment
  • bring a book or a friend to go for coffee with while circumcision is being performed
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Gamco Clamps


South Surrey Circumcision - Gomco Clamp

South Surrey Circumcision – Gomco Clamp

Gomco clamps were introduced in the 1930s, and have undergone little modification since then.  The Gomco clamp is used in circumcision of the child.

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