Q: Is HST/GST/PST payable on this service?

A: No, this is exempt from these taxes.

Q: My son doesn't have a family doctor. Is Dr. Ali taking new patients?

A: Yes, Dr. Ali is accepting new patients at this time. She would be able to continue caring for your son for the years to come and any other family members who require a family physician.

Q: What should I expect as my son heals?

A: Most babies act completely normally after the circumcision. Some sleep more afterwards because they are tired from the stress of the procedure. Others are more irritable and may require more soothing in the hours afterwards. The next day, you son should be back to normal. The site itself may look a bit swollen for a few days but that will quickly improve. As well, the end of his penis will look red and have some yellowish material on it which is normal and part of regular healing.

Q: How do I know if there is an infection?

A: An infection afterwards is very rare, and in all the circumcisions Dr. Ali has done over the years, she has never experienced this complication with any of her patients. However, if this was to occur, the signs would include: -poor eating/appetite days after the procedure -fever Rectal temperature above 100.4ºF (38ºC) Oral temperature above 100ºF (37.8ºC) Axillary (armpit) temperature above 99ºF (37.2ºC) Ear (tympanic membrane) temperature above 100.4ºF (38ºC) in rectal mode or 99.5ºF (37.5ºC) in oral mode Forehead (temporal artery) temperature above 100.4ºF (38ºC) Axillary, ear, and forehead temperature measurements are easier to obtain than rectal or oral temperatures, but they are less accurate and may need to be confirmed rectally or orally in certain children (reference, Uptodate website) -extreme redness and swelling of the penis -smelly, yellow/green pus -baby looks very floppy If these signs occur, call Dr. Ali immediately and proceed to your nearest emergency department.

Q: I’m not sure whether I should circumcise my son, but I don’t want him to look different from his friends.

A: Unlike 20 or 30 years ago when the majority of North American males were circumcised, a larger proportion of parents are choosing not to have their son circumcised. Common reasons of why parents choose to are: -religious beliefs -worries about bladder infections -for the son to look like his father or his older brothers If you decide not to have your son circumcised, you can rest assure that he will not be alone; many of his cohorts will not be circumcised either.

Q: Will he feel pain?

A: Yes, babies feel pain, just like you or I would. However, just as I would use local anesthetic before doing a surgical procedure on an adult, I do so prior to the circumcision as well. I recommend applying a numbing cream to the base of the penis before the appointment, and then I will use a small needle to inject more freezing into his penis. Finally, we will give him a drop of sugar solution on his tongue or if he uses one, his pacifier which studies have shown seem to decrease the stress babies feel during the procedure.

Q: How long will it take for him to heal?

A: One of the reasons I prefer doing the circumcision within the first 4 weeks of life is newborns heal extremely quickly. Within days, the penis will already be healing with some normal yellow healing tissue. Within a few week, his penis will look completely healed.

Q: How do I take care of him afterwards?

A: After your son’s circumcision, we will provide you with an after-care package that contains vaseline, gauze and a sheet with instructions on how to take care of him. It is simple and straight-forward.