The method Dr. Ali uses employs the Gomco clamp. It is the oldest of the 3 main techniques currently utilized (developed in 1934).

After you decide to come to South Surrey Circumcision for your son’s circumcision, we encourage you to drop by to pick up your pre-circumcision package. It will contain written information about:

– what to expect
– a form for you to complete detailing your baby’s personal and family medical history
– and most importantly, a package of numbing solution to apply to your son’s penis before the appointment to help minimize the discomfort he will experience.

When you first arrive, the procedure will be explained to you by Dr. Ali, and your family’s and baby’s medical history will be reviewed. Then, your child will be taken to our procedure room, where he will be gently placed on our immobilizer tray and offered sterile sucrose solution (clean sugar water) which has been shown to decrease distress to babies undergoing painful procedures.

Over the next 30 minutes, Dr. Ali will then use the appropriately sized Gomco clamp to circumcise your infant son. After, she will bring him out and you will be welcome to nurse/feed and offer him all the cuddles and support he needs. After approximately 15 minutes, she will check the circumcision site for excessive bleeding and treat it with local medications, if required.  The total time spent in the clinic will be about one hour.

Then, you will be sent home with your circumcision after-care kit containing all the gauzes, salves and information you will need to confidently take care of your son’s penis in the days to come. If you run into any problems, you are more than welcome to call Dr. Ali at any time to discuss them with her or arrange follow-up. As a staff physician at the Peace Arch hospital, she can always meet you at the emergency for any after hours care that is required.

No parent relishes putting his or her son through a painful, elective procedure. But if a circumcision is the right thing for your son and your family, let Dr. Ali and Aspen Medical Clinic do it in a relaxed, comfortable environment that will make it easy on your entire family.

The cost of the procedure includes:

– pre-circumcision package
– Gomco clamp circumcision procedure
– after-care package
– post procedure care

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